Sam Plotkin is a composer, songwriter, and producer, originally from Poughkeepsie, NY. He began his musical career playing saxophone in grade school and college, in concert, jazz, and marching bands. Sam has a BA in Music from Vassar College, where his studies focused on contemporary composition. He moved to LA following an internship at Remote Control Productions, and has since contributed music to many independent films and TV shows. In addition to his film work, Sam has written concert music for wind ensemble, string quartet, choir, ensemble percussion, and electro-acoustics, as well as an album of folk songs. Today, Sam's work can be heard in films and TV shows around the world, most recently on the PBS series NOVA.

"Another upbeat, kick ass soundtrack with a wonderful amped up 16-bit video game vibe"  

-morbidlybeautiful.com on the score for BREAKFAST

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